Best Big Button TV Remote for Seniors/Elderly

Getting old isn’t fun and getting used to all the buttons on a TV remote control isn’t easy.

Gone are the days of a handful of buttons to change channels, change volume and turn the set on or off.

My TV remote has over 50 buttons, most of which I’ve never used and lots of which lead on to extra menus on the TV set itself.

Fine if you don’t press them

A nightmare if you press the wrong one and end up setting something you’d rather not have set.

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How to Remove Samba TV from Your Sony Television

In a recent update of their Android software, Sony decided that it would be a good idea to add Samba TV and to nag you every time you turned the television on if you didn’t click the “install” button.

The options are basically now or later. With no obvious “never” answer even though you didn’t ask to install the app.

Not very user friendly and the only way to remove it is counter-intuitive:

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Changing FV WordPress Flowplayer

I’ve got the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin installed on a number of blogs but hit a problem with the “redirect” option that allows you to set a new page to redirect the user to when the video finishes playing.

The problem is that the plugin wants to open a new window when it reaches that point.

In Firefox that works fine.

But in Chrome and Internet Explorer it’s treated as a pop-up. Which means it’s blocked unless the user either accepts it or has changed the defaults to allow pop-ups. Neither of which are exactly likely.

It took me a while but I discovered a very simple change in one of the FV WordPress Flowplayer files would sort this out.

If you’ve hit the same problem, take a backup of the file concerned (always a good idea when you’re doing this kind of thing) before making the modification.

In your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins and then click “Edit” below FV WordPress Flowplayer

The file you’re looking for is called flowplayer-frontend.php – use Ctrl-F to find it then click the link to open that file in the WordPress editor.

Then search for:


and change it to:


The line it’s on should now read:‘$redirect’,’_self’);

If that’s the case, click the “Update File” button to save the amended code.

If all has gone well, any video on your site using the plugin that you want to redirect will now redirect to the same window, keeping it safe from over-zealous anti pop-up tendencies in browsers.

How to Be Attractive to Women Without Talking

It sounds almost an impossibility: being attractive to women without talking. Although if you’re the kind of person who seems to automatically put their foot in their mouth as soon as they open it, the concept has got to hold appeal!

Body language has been around for years and that’s partly what you’ll be using to get the upper hand and the woman of your dreams.

Tips to be attractive to women

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Classic Menu for Office: How To Get Back Your Familiar Microsoft Menus

If you’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms and missing the classic menu for Office, you’re not alone. For a company that normally puts backward compatibility at a premium, Microsoft sure got it wrong with Office 2007 and it’s successor Office 2010.

All the familiar menus you’ve grown to love or hate have disappeared and in their place is a new – supposedly better – system that would be fine if you were just learning to use Office but turns the air blue if you’re used to things being where they always have been.

Classic menu for OfficeUnusually there’s no option to switch back to the classic menu for Office. But fortunately there’s an add-on available which puts all your old, familiar menus back into your sparkling new copy of Office. Phew!

It saves headaches and relearning/retraining costs…

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How To Switch Off Google’s Search Preview

Google recently seem to have a habit of adding new “exciting” features to their search results with so much as asking their users first.

The latest in this barrage of maybe helpful/almost certainly irritating ideas is the search preview. The little magnifying glass that pops up a preview of the website whenever you move your mouse even vaguely close to it.

So, if that bugs you and you’re perfectly happy clicking on the results link to see what the page looks like (and more importantly, says), what can you do?

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If you’re looking for some software to run your affiliate program, chances are that you’ll have come across iDevAffiliate.

iDevAffiliate is software that you usually install on your own web server (the most economical way) or if your hosting setup is a pain in the neck then you can use their hosting solution.

idevaffiliateThe iDevAffiliate software is well supported and comes with a year’s worth of upgrades included in the price. Support is by email or – if that can’t resolve an issue – then it gets escalated to phone support. The email support is responsive and helpful.

So, what can iDevAffiliate do for you?

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Club Membership Software Review

The Club Membership Software program is a simple software program to help club secretaries and anyone else who wants to keep an organized contact list.

Installation of the club membership software is straightforward: you download a zipped file, extract it to somewhere you’ll remember and then run the Setup program.

The club membership software program has been around in various forms since the 1990’s. If you have an earlier version (even if it’s a DOS one – some clubs use hand-me-down computers), there is a conversion routine that will convert your data into the latest format. There is also a conversion routine to import data from a range of other formats, so you shouldn’t need to re-type any existing data. Continue reading

How To Use Excel Review

It’s is a great program so long as you know how to use Excel. You can use it for all sorts of things, well beyond the original idea of a spreadsheet.

But this power has a problem associated with it: learning how to use Excel beyond the basics isn’t easy.

Even if you consider yourself a power user, chances are that you’ll learn new tips and tricks in How to Use Excel. Continue reading