Classic Menu for Office: How To Get Back Your Familiar Microsoft Menus

If you’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms and missing the classic menu for Office, you’re not alone. For a company that normally puts backward compatibility at a premium, Microsoft sure got it wrong with Office 2007 and it’s successor Office 2010.

All the familiar menus you’ve grown to love or hate have disappeared and in their place is a new – supposedly better – system that would be fine if you were just learning to use Office but turns the air blue if you’re used to things being where they always have been.

Classic menu for OfficeUnusually there’s no option to switch back to the classic menu for Office. But fortunately there’s an add-on available which puts all your old, familiar menus back into your sparkling new copy of Office. Phew!

It saves headaches and relearning/retraining costs…

Which leaves you yearning for Classic Menu for Office

There’s actually not much to review about Classic Menu for Office.

It does exactly what it sets out to do (and, in my opinion, what Microsoft should have done anyway):

It adds back all your familiar menus and gets rid of that horrible looking, awkward to use, ribbon menu where even the simplest of tasks are buried somewhere completely counter-intuitive.

It saves all the hassle of wondering where all the shortcuts have moved to. So if you’re wondering where simple things that you use in Office every day have moved to, it’s a simple matter of installing the classic menu for Office and not having to go through all the re-learning.

So if you value your sanity but need to keep up with the times then:

Click here to download Classic Menu for Office.

2 thoughts on “Classic Menu for Office: How To Get Back Your Familiar Microsoft Menus

  1. Texas Business Insurance

    Wouldn’t know why anyone would want to go back to the old menu but I guess it is smart for some people.

    Texas Business Insurance

  2. admin

    Familiarity is the main reason – personally I’ve spent years finding my way round the old menus and don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel just because someone at Microsoft thinks I should 🙂

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