Club Membership Software Review

The Club Membership Software program is a simple software program to help club secretaries and anyone else who wants to keep an organized contact list.

Installation of the club membership software is straightforward: you download a zipped file, extract it to somewhere you’ll remember and then run the Setup program.

The club membership software program has been around in various forms since the 1990’s. If you have an earlier version (even if it’s a DOS one – some clubs use hand-me-down computers), there is a conversion routine that will convert your data into the latest format. There is also a conversion routine to import data from a range of other formats, so you shouldn’t need to re-type any existing data.

What does this Club Membership software do?

Club Membership softwareWhen you first run the program, you are given a list of options that you may want to set. These include missing out some of the data fields so that you are less likely to make errors when entering your member’s details. There are also options to set up most of the default program settings as well as renaming any data fields to be more meaningful.

Helpfully the club membership software capitalizes words for you, so if you’re not a proficient typist (or if you’re just a lazy typist), it will take care of capitalizing words. It will cope with Mc’s as well to an extent and if it guesses things wrong, you just overtype and it will remember. This kind of attention to detail is handy, especially as it’s likely that the program won’t be used as often as, say, your web browser.

You can list your club members from the report button.

This brings up a screen that allows you to narrow down your membership list by a variety of criteria as well as other things for the report orders.

Club Membership software shows all reports on screen in your standard web browser. This takes a little bit of getting used to at first but is actually quite sensible. Every computer nowadays has a web browser and this means that the program can make use of it for any printed reports. You could also take the files that the program outputs and place them straight onto your website, probably in a protected members area.

Club Membership software also allows you to bulk email your club’s members. You’ll need to find a few details to allow it to connect to your internet service provider – these are the same ones your email program uses.

If you’re thinking that this means the program could be used for bulk emailing purposes such as spamming, this isn’t likely as the software insists on other details being entered rather than just email addresses. And, anyway, spammers wouldn’t want to enter one email address at a time.

The program knows that most internet service providers nowadays place a limit on the number of emails you can send in any given time and allows you to place a delay between each message sent.

All in all, Club Membership software is an easy to use program that does exactly what it sets out to do. There is also the option of a 30 day trial so that you can check that it meets your exact needs.

Click here to download a trial copy of Club Membership software here.

13 thoughts on “Club Membership Software Review

  1. Gayle weaver

    Does this program keep track of past member dues? A lot of our members have been members for 20 years and I need to show all their yearly payments? Will this do it?

  2. tdadmin Post author

    No – it just helps you keep track of who’s up to date with payments at any given time. Sorry.

  3. Dave Hart Club Secretary

    For many years now , we have operated a WDB Golf Membership Database, but on the purchase of a new Windows 8.1 Laptop, the WDB programme will not open and I have not found a way of transferring the data to the new Computer – God Bless Microsoft !!!!!!

    Your System appears to show very similar information to the programme that I have used

    Our Membership years runs annually from 1st April and one thing that puzzles me with your programme is for instance can you save as Membership Database 2015-16 followed by Membership Database 2016 – 17 etc etc and on and on
    Can past years Membership data be transferred to your system from WDB Files ???
    Why is the purchase price in US Dollars when I understand that you are based in Cheltenham ??
    I look forward to clarification in due course


    Dave Hart – Club Secretary

    John White Golf Club

  4. tdadmin Post author

    The database is just ongoing – it doesn’t keep separate years.

    If your current system can export the data in csv format (a normal computer option) then the Club program should be able to import it. You can test that during the 30 day free trial.

  5. Dave Hart Club Secretary

    I doubt that it will be suitable
    I need a system whereby I can save each years Membership separately
    This enables us to refer back to previous Years Membership information at any time without jeopardising the current Year

  6. Helen Johnson

    Hi, I have just taken over as a volunteer membership secretary for a non profit animal charity, and have inherited a difficult to manage Excel based system. Accordingly, I am looking for a membership program to help me to control our database of members. I came across you via your YouTube video and I think your software can do most of what I need. Could you please advise how much it would cost the charity to purchase your software. Thanks – Helen

  7. tdadmin Post author

    The best way is to download the 30 day trial and check that the program works well for you. It’s $79 to purchase – that’s a one-off price.

  8. Kevin

    How many members can be stored on the program? Will it affect the performace? I currently have over 200k members. Will your program be an appropriate one?

  9. tdadmin Post author

    The limit is file size which is 2Gn and is over a million members & doesn’t affect the speed of the program.

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