How To Get Rid of Foot Odor

Let’s face it, foot odor is embarassingFoot odor. It’s not something people like to talk about in polite company.

But if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from smelly feet then it’s worth investigating how to get rid of foot odor.

If you’re like me, you’ll have tried all the over-the-counter foot odor products such as insoles, sprays, powders and the like.

In my case, they kind of tamed the smell but that was as far as it got…

Ways to get rid of foot odor

Insoles were OK for a while but I never quite got the hang of cutting them to size, even with the printed guidelines, which meant that they slipped around my shoes and rucked up, making it uncomfortable to walk at times.

I’ll blame my grandfather for the original smell – apparently his shoes smelt that bad that as soon as he took them off, the cat took them outside and tried to bury them deep in the back garden.

For me, the sprays and powders were kind of OK. In fact, since I hadn’t discovered this report at the time, they’re what I used to tame my feet. But it took around three years for them to fully take effect. A solution – yes. One I’d recommend – no. It took way too long and cost a fortune as I was going through cans and bottles at the rate of one of each a fortnight. That soon adds up to a tidy sum.

So – forgive the pun – Fresh Feet Forever was like a breath of fresh air.

It’s easy to put into practice, taking a couple of minutes a day (actually less time than I was spending before washing my feet and dressing them with all the various potions).

And the other benefit is the cost. The ingredients are cheap – much the same as a can of Scholl spray or powder – and the effect is permanent, so you won’t need the “drug” of forever coating your feet with spray or white powder or both.

Check out this down to earth guide for getting rid of foot odor here.