Photo Eraser Review

When you press “delete” on your digital camera, the photo isn’t actually erased as you’ll find out if you get hold of a program like Photo Eraser.

Deleting photos on your camera works much the same way as deleting files on your hard drive – for speed, the space is marked as available for re-use. But apart from a small indicator that shows the photo up on the available list, it’s really still there.

Which isn’t normally a problem…

Unless you’re a spy, you maybe don’t care what photos are left on your memory card.

But there are times when you don’t want everyone in the world to be able to see the photos you’ve taken. And all they need is a simple program like Photo Saver to be able to retrieve them. Even if you’ve formatted the card.Photo Eraser

For instance, if you’re selling your camera and memory card, you’d want to use this program before handing it to the new buyer.

And with the size of the memory cards you can get nowadays, where even the cheaper cards can store hundreds of photographs, it pays to take a bit of care to delete every trace of your photos once you’ve transferred them to your computer, a CD or wherever else you store your masterpieces.

Photo Eraser is very simple to use. If your camera is plugged in to your computer with a USB lead, the software will recognize that and will let you browse to that drive. If you’ve got a card reader, it works much the same way. Just navigate to the correct place.

Then just press the “Next” button. The program will immediately go to work erasing all trace of your photos from the card. So obviously you need to make sure you’ve copied any photos you want before you start this process.

The program then sets about removing all trace of your photos, movies and any other information stored on your camera’s memory card.

Once it’s done, you’re taken to another screen that tells you the process has finished.


Photo Saver is a simple to use program that does exactly what it sets out to do.

It’s easy to use and does exactly what it sets out to do.

The program works on all Windows computers and all memory cards.

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