Photo Saver Review: Undelete Files From Your Camera

If you’ve ever accidentally pressed the “delete” key on your digital camera, you’ll know the heart-sinking feeling that your photo has been lost forever – but can Photo Saver come to the rescue?

It’s almost as if modern cameras were designed to help you lose your favorite photos.

Fortunately, there is an answer to this problem: Photo Saver.

What is Photo Saver?

This neat piece of software has just one purpose in life: recovering photos from your camera’s memory card.

Even if you’ve deleted them or accidentally formatted the drive or (even worse) the card has become corrupt.Photo Saver

The program is simple to use.

Just link up your camera to your PC or put the memory card in the appropriate slot.

Then run the software.

Because photo memory cards work in much the same way as computer hard drives, your photos haven’t actually been deleted when you press the delete key. Instead, the space is marked as OK to re-use.

Which is good news most of the time. (Of course, if you really did want to delete a photo forever, you need to use Photo Eraser to make sure it really can’t be recovered.)

Photo Saver asks you where you want to save your newly recovered photographs and then runs through your camera’s memory card, retrieving all the photos you thought were lost forever.

With the size of today’s memory cards, chances are this will include photos you took weeks or months or even years ago.


Photo Saver is an inexpensive, simple to use, program that does precisely what it sets out to do.

If you’ve accidentally a photo or are suffering from a corrupt memory card, it’s well worth downloading and running.

Click here to download your copy of Photo Saver.

7 thoughts on “Photo Saver Review: Undelete Files From Your Camera

  1. amber

    i have a simple question, i need an answer to quickly. (please) Does the photosaver program recover video files, such as .avi files from a memory card? Thanks in advance to anyone with an answer.

  2. Jake Green

    That is actually a bit creepy. I sold my digital camera from which I deleted some very personal photographs. Does this mean that anyone can access them using Photo Saver? Although I see how this feature could be helpful, I do not believe it should exist as most people don’t know about it and they could suffer just like I might, if the person who bought this camera knows about it.

  3. Sarrah

    This could literally be my saviour for the next 3 months while I travel through Asia. I’ve accidentally deleted so many pics I didn’t want to in the past. Thank you very much!

  4. Jon D.

    Good to know. I take photos for my work that are critically important. I haven’t lost any photos yet, but I know the day is coming where I goof. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Evan

    @Jake Green: “I sold my digital camera from which I deleted some very personal photographs. Does this mean that anyone can access them using Photo Saver? ”

    Great insight – with every advance, there can be a weakness. Suggestions anyone?

    Still i think this has been a simple and highly useful post all round; i am reminded of superman’s crystal memory cave (strangely!); nothing is ever lost, everything is eternal.

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