How to Remove Samba TV from Your Sony Television

In a recent update of their Android software, Sony decided that it would be a good idea to add Samba TV and to nag you every time you turned the television on if you didn’t click the “install” button.

The options are basically now or later. With no obvious “never” answer even though you didn’t ask to install the app.

Not very user friendly and the only way to remove it is counter-intuitive:

What you actually have to do is pretend that you want to install Samba rather than growl at the TV for not giving you a “go away and never darken my doorstep again” option.

Click through the various options and you’ll eventually get to a page where you’re asked to agree to the privacy and other settings.

At this stage, there’s a menu option that says “Disagree and disable”.

Select that and confirm if it asks (even though it never bothered to ask you if you wanted to have the option to install Samba in the first place.)

Then breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve finally got rid of an unwanted app.