The Truth About Supplements Review

The Truth About Supplements is a well informed, well researched report on supplements by a fitness instructor called Mark Ottobre. He has seen first hand which supplements work with your body building and which work against it.

Truth about supplementsThe focus of the truth about Supplements report is on bodybuilding but if you take any health supplements – such as amino acid supplements – then it’s an eye opening read. There’s a sample chapter available for free so that you can check both the style and the range of information. The free chapter goes into depth on protein supplements and lists out both essential and non-essential amino acids that you may well have encountered on an ingredients list and wondered what they were.

The main Truth about Supplements report goes into much more detail and also includes Mark’s “Champions Diet” which has been used by a number of top body builders, some of whom are featured on the main page of the Truth about Supplements site.

Even if you don’t want to become a top body builder, it pays to know the effects of the supplements that you are ingesting. Not all supplements are created equal and not all of them help everyone in the same way. This report will help to empower you. And if you’re a cynic who doesn’t often believe advertising hype, it will help you cut through the sales gimmicks that are used to trigger you into buying supplements you either don’t want or don’t need.

Chances are even your own personal trainer doesn’t know much of what’s discussed in this report. So if they have been recommending supplements for you, the report is an easy and informed “second opinion” that you can use before you spend lots of money on a variety of supplements that won’t help you in your fitness goals.

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