Zero Cost Profits Review

If you’ve been around the internet marketing arena for any length of time, you’ll know there is a lot of hype, so is that the case with Zero Cost Profits? It kind of goes with the territory.

Zero Cost Profits certainly sounds like hype at first glance. Your taken to a video which starts with its creator (Matt Benwell) drinking a pint of Guinness. There’s also a bold claim that Mattt used this very system to generate $42,152.97 profit in just 5 months. Which is definitely intriguing.

So is Zero Cost Profits hype or truth? Can a real person (rather than an internet “guru” really make that kind of money without any expenses other than time?

If you follow Matt’s plan, I’d say the answer is definitely “yes”.

Of course, a large quantity of people will fall by the wayside, attracted by the bright lights of instant profits with no effort – the internet marketing equivalent of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What you get is a well explained blueprint. You can see from the chapter headings that it’s not full of fluff and it’s easy to read in one sitting to get the hang of what you’ll need to do.

All about Zero Cost Profits:

Zero cost profits

Of course, reading is only the first part of the job. You’ll then need to take action.

Matt supplies a bonus with keyword research for 12 different niches.

I’d suggest that you use this as a guideline rather than a shortcut.

It’s an excellent introduction to the kind of markets that you could consider and the wealth of “long tail” keywords associated with these markets. But it’s also been used as a giveaway which means that a lot of people are going to be using Matt’s system in these tight markets, so they’d be well worth avoiding. Which leaves thousands and thousands of other possible markets instead.

The goal of Zero Cost Profits is for you to dominate the search engine results. But only for a very small subsection of results – buying keywords for your chosen products.

When you follow this through, it’s perfectly possible for you to have most of the top ten results to yourself.


Because almost no-one targets low volume buyer keywords seriously.

And because you’ll be using lots of zero cost websites to put up your pages.

But is it worth doing this?

Definitely yes.

If you’ve ever seriously researched a product on the internet – whether it’s your next sat nav, television or whatever – chances are you’ve encountered some sites following Matt’s ideas.

You’ll have seen the price comparison sites but you’ll also have found articles and review sites about the product you’re interested in.

And because you’re about to spend real money out of your own pocket, you’ll likely have read some or all of these.

When you follow the Zero Cost Profits system those sites can be yours.

And you can sit in the middle and collect your commission when you suggest well known places like Amazon or selected online retailers as the best place to buy.

You’re also well placed for the after-purchase sales if you choose your items well.

Certain markets lend themselves better than others to selling “how to” guides to recent purchasers. A cook book for the new energy saving slow cooker, making use of cheaper cuts of meat. A how-to-use-it guide for that complicated software product. A where to visit guide so you can plug in the destination into your shiny new sat nav. You get the idea.

Of course, building your sites is only part of the puzzle that Matt’s report solves.

Getting traffic to them is the other part and this is well explained. Even the best ways of getting traffic from places like Twitter as well as other free traffic sources.

Is it really zero cost?

Well, not quite. After all, the Zero Cost Profits report itself costs money. But all the sites and tools mentioned are free or – at worst – have a free option available.

Which means that you won’t get locked into lots of extra expenditure after you invest a few dollars into the Zero Cost Profits report.


Zero Cost Profits does what it says on the tin. It’s definitely recommended and is a refreshing change from a lot of the other over-hyped products available.

It’s suitable for internet novices or people who’ve been around online and found actually earningmoney more difficult than it’s initially made out to be.

It’s replicatable – it’s not a one trick pony. Chances are that if you pick your micro niches wisely, you’ll never encounter any serious competition because your focus is so narrow.

And it is here to stay. Sure the sites used may change over time but the actual process isn’t new, just this particular “twist”. The methods will be as good in a year’s time as they are now. And you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg following them.

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