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Password Studio Review

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to save afile in Microsoft Word, Excel or Access and protected it with a password “just to be safe” and then forgotten the password, you’re not alone – Password Studio can get you out of trouble…

Meeting up with password protected Microsoft Office files happens all the time. Usually at the most inconvenient moment.

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How To Delete Internet History

You probably know that your internet browser keeps track of what you’re doing on your computer, so how to delete internet history?

Most of the time, this internet history can be useful. Things like storing your favourite sites, what you were looking at the other day that you forgot to bookmark, that kind of thing.

But there are times when maybe you’d prefer to delete your internet history.

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How To Password Protect A USB Drive

USB flash drives are portable so the need to password protect a USB drive is high. Which makes them easy to keep with you but unfortunately also makes them east to mislay.Password protect a USB drive

The solution to password protect a USB drive depends on what you need to do and how much of the drives contents you need to protect.

If you only want to protect a handful of files on your USB flash drive then it’s probably simplest to save them with a password. Programs like Word and Excel make it fairly easy to do this. Before saving your file, go to the Tools menu. Choose Options and then click on the Security tab. You’ll be given the option to enter a password to open the file. Although the box only asks you to enter the password once, you’ll be asked to type it in again before you can exit from the Options dialog box. But once you’ve done that, you’re on your own. So make sure you can remember the password otherwise you’ll have to resort to a program to recover passwords before you can open it again!
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