How to Be Attractive to Women Without Talking

It sounds almost an impossibility: being attractive to women without talking. Although if you’re the kind of person who seems to automatically put their foot in their mouth as soon as they open it, the concept has got to hold appeal!

Body language has been around for years and that’s partly what you’ll be using to get the upper hand and the woman of your dreams.

Tips to be attractive to women

1. Be strong

Not necessarily physically strong in the “he-man” way of things. But definitely with the courage of your convictions and the air of being in charge.

This is something that cocky team playing athletes seem to naturally exude but it isn’t beyond the rest of us to do this as well.

Take a fraction of a second to double-think what you’re about to say before you open your mouth. And ideally just lead by example rather than having to bark orders at everyone. The more people look to you as the natural leader, the more you’ll come across as the strong person in charge.

2. Be independent

In a nutshell, this means don’t be a wimp.

It doesn’t mean always going off on your own (although carefully done, that can raise an air of mystery around you). But it does mean following your own path rather than being a meek sheep and following the whims and fancies of the group you hang out with.

Of course, there’s a danger in taking independence too far and ending up being one of the crowd again. Think how all those supposedly independent skaters, goths, etc all end up looking the same as everyone else they hang out with. So much for that form of independence.

3. Show respect

Your attitude will come across in everything you do, whether you want it to or not.

If you don’t care much for others that will show and that will likely decrease your chance of being attractive to the opposite sex. Partly because they’ll be thinking that the disrespect you’re showing will apply to them as well.

So respect yourself – don’t continually put yourself down – and respect other people, including their personal life as well as their property.

4. Keep your complaints to a minimum

Spreading gloom isn’t the way to attract women to you. So don’t dwell on complaints – make light of them instead.

If the conversation anywhere switches to moaning about things either change the direction of the conversation or make your excuses and leave.

It really is that simple. After all, no-one likes to join someone who constantly has their own personal thunderstorm hovering over them.

5. Be ambivalent

The best possible place to be is the one where you don’t care what the outcome is.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about getting an outcome but it does mean that you’re equally happy whatever turns out.

It may take some practice to get to this stage. But if you don’t care whether you get the girl or not – or at least, not that one particular girl – then that will come across in your attitude and will actually increase your chance of success.

It’s sounds at odds with real life but take a step back and notice how the relaxed, nonchalent, people seem to get their way much more often than the pushy ones.

Give it a go – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

6. Hypnosis

Another great way to be more attractive to women, without talking much if at all, is to use the covert technique of hypnosis.

This involves listening to a few MP3s that have been custom written to implant messages in your mind to help with all the things we’ve discussed above and more.

It’s cheap – the downloads are much the same as having just one personal session – and you can listen to the tracks over again to help your mind to help you become more confident and therefore more attractive to women.

Check out this instant hypnosis download to be more attractive to women.