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How to Be Attractive to Women Without Talking

It sounds almost an impossibility: being attractive to women without talking. Although if you’re the kind of person who seems to automatically put their foot in their mouth as soon as they open it, the concept has got to hold appeal!

Body language has been around for years and that’s partly what you’ll be using to get the upper hand and the woman of your dreams.

Tips to be attractive to women

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Blushing Cure: How To Stop Blushing For Good

blushing cureFor most people, blushing is normal but it’s still a good idea to search for a blushing cure to stop your face turning red at the slightest provocation.

Normally people react by blushing when they have an embarrassing moment or situation, or an event that occurs to make them embarrassed.

However, some people blush excessively, seemingly at anything – not just a quick blush from an embarrassing comment. They probably need a blushing cure more than most.

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Coping With Jealousy

Jealousy occurs in most human relationships at one time or another but we need to develop methods of coping with jealousy otherwise it will begin to eat us alive. Whether your relationship is an intimate one, a friendship, or just co-workers, it is not immune to the possibility of jealousy.

Jealousy can be thought of as those feelings you have when you perceive that your relationship is under attack. It can come about from your own insecurities about themselves and your relationships. This feeling is responsible for some very bad behavior exhibited by people who could not control their jealousy. From physical abuse to harsher abuse, the feeling has gotten many in serious trouble. How then can you start coping with jealousy? Continue reading

How To Cure Your Tight Foreskin

It’s perfectly normal for young children to have a tight foreskin. But when that problem extends into teenage or even adulthood, it’s time to do something about it.

Your surgeon may suggest circumcision and that can be an effective solution.

But what can you do if you’d prefer to keep your foreskin intact?

The good news is that you can cure your tight foreskin naturally, without having to undergo an operation.

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