Tips For Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness...

It’s a problem for lots of people.

Some people are just permanently shy, others are only shy in certain situations.

Whichever group you fall into, here are some tips for overcoming shyness:

Overcoming shynessTips for overcoming shyness

  • Start building up your self confidence. Work on your self esteem and start building it up rather than knocking it down. This will help you with overcoming shyenss.
  • Make an effort to meet new friends. Set yourself a goal that doesn’t scare you too much – maybe one new friend a week to start with.
  • Feel free to laugh when you find something funny. Laughter is a great ice breaker, so long as it’s genuine and is great for overcoming shyness.
  • Don’t run away the second someone starts talking to you!
  • Gently push your limits. We all have comfort zones – places we’re happy to be in – but these are self imposed. You put up the barriers so you can dismantle them. Honest!

One of the easiest ways of overcoming shyness is to change your mindset and stop being quite as shy and retiring. You can do this quite painlessly by listening to a hypnosis MP3 for overcoming shyness.

You can listen any time you want and no-one else need know you’re doing it. Over a few days, the hypnosis session will begin to help you overcome your shyness.

How To Beat Shyness Fast

There are ways to beat your shyness and they don’t have to take forever to get results.

You may find it better to practice some of these techniques with strangers, maybe even by attending a local shyness workshop where everyone is equally nervous.

Although my personal preference for overcoming shyness is for small steps, some people find that the best strategy for beating their shyness is to face it head on and just say “enough is enough”.

Work out where you normally feel shy and set yourself some targets to change the way you react when you find yourself in a situation where you’d normally feel shy.

Maybe it’s meeting other people. If that’s the case, set yourself the target of saying “hello” to at least 10 or 20 new people today. They could be strangers in the street or in the canteen at work. It doesn’t matter. Saying “hello” is a fairly easy step and chances are you’ll find most people answer back and, at least in some instances, you’ll be in a full conversation with them before you know it.

Don’t worry if you don’t quite hit your target for overcoming shyness on the first day (so long as your score isn’t zero!). Aim to do the same again tomorrow. And the next day.

Before you know it, you’ll be less shy in that situation, which is a long way to overcoming shyness completely.

A lot comes down to having more self confidence…

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