How To Cure Your Tight Foreskin

It’s perfectly normal for young children to have a tight foreskin. But when that problem extends into teenage or even adulthood, it’s time to do something about it.

Your surgeon may suggest circumcision and that can be an effective solution.

But what can you do if you’d prefer to keep your foreskin intact?

The good news is that you can cure your tight foreskin naturally, without having to undergo an operation.

What to do if you’re suffering from a tight foreskin

Tight foreskin

Probably the first thing you should do if you suffer from a tight foreskin is some (very) gentle stretching exercises.

Begin by pulling your foreskin back. If it doesn’t pull back all the way, don’t panic! Just do as much as you are comfortable with. You’ll find that over the course of a few days your skin will start to adapt and this exercise will become easier.

The other worry that people commonly get is that things get painful when their penis is erect. This happens a lot more than people like to admit and is a natural phenomenon – your penis is larger when you’ve got an erection, simple as that.

Of course, this means that even if you can successfully pull back your foreskin while you are flaccid, it may be a completely different story when you’re erect.

Again, stay calm. I know that’s not necessarily easy to do in the pressure of the moment, so you may need to practice relaxing as well as doing your penis stretching exercises. After all, the more frustrated you get, the less likely it is that you’ll get your intended result.

You can get a complete natural cure for your tight foreskin here. It’s an internet based report that you can download completely anonymously and guarantees results.

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10 thoughts on “How To Cure Your Tight Foreskin

  1. paula

    when i was pregnant with my son my doctor always told me to pull back his foreskin everytime i bathed him when he was 12 i showed him how to do it by the time he was 15 he started complaining that he couldn’t pull back his foreskin I started stretching his foreskin he is now 16 years old and i still pull back his foreskin twice a week

  2. D

    2.Hi i am 29 years old. and just now i realised that my forskin is very tight and i can not streach/move back.
    I m getting married very soon. TEll me what i should do.
    i m very nervous….

  3. ram komar

    i ve relized my 4skin is too tight .,my inner head cannot do anything ,m worried what wud happen when i get i am 23 yrs old .help .help…

  4. ashish

    i m 19 years old and it pains when i pulled my foreskin back when it is erect . and when i do so the inner skin pains a lot and becomes reddish please help me .i m embarrassed please tell how to loosened my foreskin and how to stop the inner skin pain

  5. balu

    i m 23 years old and it pains when i pulled my foreskin back when it is erect .and i noticed that their is a skin attached in lower head(projection tip)of the penis please give better solution

  6. tapish

    the problem that i am facing is that i can pul back my foreskin when placcid but i can’t when errect. what should i do? i am 27 and soon going to be married. is it fine to have foreskin this way for ever? does it have effect on sexual pleasure for either partner?

  7. Avery K.

    Thank you for the link to the eBook — much appreciated! I definitely want to avoid circumcision at this point.

  8. Nick

    im 13 soon to be 14 and over the past few months i realised that my foreskin is ment to go down but i cant pull it down i can only pull it as far to be able to just see the tip of my penis. ive heard that when u get into ur older teen years theres a chance that it can cure itself. is this true?can someone get back to me as soon as possible

  9. john

    Tight foreskin for me is always tough to deal with..that was when i still not read your post. Today, things become much easier for me..thanks for this post.

  10. Michael

    I purchased this ebook and am grateful that I did, it help me eliminate the pain and embarrassment I was having with my tight foreskin.

    Thanks for the information!

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