Ferroli Time Clock Instructions

A friend of mine installed a Ferroli boiler at a property he owns and was tearing his hair out, trying to find the Ferroli time clock instructions.

The sales pitch was good: 5 year guarantee, good price, that kind of thing.

What was missed though was that the built-in time clock wasn’t mentioned in the manual. Or even as an afterthought leaflet with the boiler. No instructions, just guesswork…

Setting the Ferroli time clock…

No problem – a quick search on the internet was bound to turn something up we thought.

Hmmm, think again.

Just lots of people with the same problem.

So, after nearly 30 minutes on hold to Ferroli’s premium rate 0871 phone number (fortunately translated by SayNoTo0870 to 01283 714800) he finally got through to technical support.

“Can I download the instructions from your website?” my friend asked?

“No” came the reply.

“But we can email them to you”.

To save you from wasting half an hour of your life on hold, you can download the Ferroli Time Clock instructions from the link below:

Optimax HE Digital Timer instructions

P.S. If this has helped you with your Ferroli time clock, please leave a comment below.

193 thoughts on “Ferroli Time Clock Instructions

  1. JB

    What a Star!! Had our boiler in for 3 years and it has never worked from the timer – even the ‘engineer’ who installed it said it wouldnt program!!
    Many thanks

  2. BristleKRS

    Cheers so much! I still can’t believe Ferroli put out a manual which seemingly out of spite excludes any info on how the clock works :rolleyes:

    Now, just to figure out why the thing won’t properly spark up when it should…

  3. michelle

    Thank you so much, 😀 I have been having trouble finding any information on this at all.
    I do have a bit of a problem though. When I set a time for day 1 to go on at 5am then go off at 9am on the second day it doesn’t let me go below 9am any more, unless i am doing something wrong. Please help if you could 😀

  4. admin

    Hi Michelle,

    Not sure on that one – it’s been a while since I set this thing myself and I didn’t try to do anything complicated.

    Sorry – hopefully someone else will chip in.

  5. everett jacobs

    You are brilliant. Ferroli stinks. They seem to arrange things so that you spend a maximum amount of time on their ‘help’ line, but get no help. Many thanks.

  6. sarah

    thank you sooooo much!!!! hmmmmm instruction manual with incomplete instructions!! spent hours trawling the net for this so you are a hero!!!!


  7. cerys

    thankyou so much!!! been freezing my arse off trying to work it out! you are brilliant. huge hug!!

  8. kian

    Had my boiler 1year never used timer because of no insructions with boiler now hopefully i will be saving money. Thanks for your help so kind.

  9. REID

    thanks, had given up trying to set it, even though it’s been installed for 3 years !!!!

  10. Gabby

    Thanks so much but maybe its just me I am still struggling and am now not sure if there is a quick way to set the timer for all the week the same or if i have to click it in for each…..would like to know how to re set it to factory settings??? Maybe its the re set button but apprehensive to try it in case i really screw it up even more! Any ideas?

  11. donna

    Thank You! Now we now know how to set the timers on this ridiculous boiler of our! New Boiler…No Instructions. Dehr to Ferroli but HUGE thumbs up to you! 🙂

  12. Lucy

    Hi, we have set our heating to off mode as per the instructions but it is still coming on! We have also turned the thermostat right down so it should not be coming on in this hot weather! Can you help please?

  13. tdadmin Post author

    If the boiler has a “hot water only” mode it would be worth switching to that. Otherwise sounds like it might be an engineer needed unless anyone else has any thoughts.

  14. Katie


    Thank you so so so much – moved into home in June with no idea how to operate the boiler…we are now needing it since its getting so cold and many frustrating searches later here you are with the answers!!

    My toes can now unfreeze! Thanks so much!

  15. Pete

    Thanks very much for sharing this. The ferroli manual is useless & the f-witt who installed it was equally useless. We have heat now thanks to you.

  16. Dawn

    Thank you so so much. You wouldn’t believe the headache I’ve had trying to find this! You are a life-saver!!!

  17. Henry

    Just fantastic – It must be needed ‘cos this has been visited for years – ferroli should employ you!

  18. tdadmin Post author

    If it’s a Ferroli with a time clock, download the PDF, that should help you sort things out.

  19. W Murphy

    Thanks for the info, this was a great help. If I had found it sooner it would have saved me hours of messing around with the damned thing. At least you saved me several more hours. Unbelievable that Ferroli would not include instructions or a diagram in the user manual. Thanks again!!

  20. Vanessa

    Thank you so much. We had this boiler installed last year and we couldn’t set the clock no matter how long we tried. Before I read your instructions I was ready to rip the damn thing out of the wall and fling it through the window. Thanks to you no glaziers will be required.

  21. Julie Maurice

    Thank you so much we are freezing with a landlord who cannot understand what our problem is. Boiler in an outside shed so we have to go out in all weathers to switch it on manually. (no thermostat indoors)
    Hopefully this will solve our problems.
    Do you have instructions on how to make landlords reasonable human beings!!!

  22. Janty

    Thank you so much. No more getting up in the freezing cold to manually switch the heating and hot water on!

  23. SR

    Just a heads up that the time will still be displayed when the clock battery is dying but you won’t be able to access the timer settings! so even if display is still on it will probably be the battery at fault. When you prise open the clock don’t try to remove battery contacts as they’re connected to circuit board, just slide the battery out.

  24. Julie Camblin

    Awesone!! Been soo fed up of being FREEZING Cold and budgeting on a meter and not knowing why Boiler comes on stipod times and house is too hit then when I need it on and its cold Its does nothing! Been trying to Fix for 3yrs!! Even Boiler men with 2 different companies couldnt resolvr and costing me more without a thermostat connected to maintain temp Thankyou!

  25. Louise

    Thank you so so much for posting these! I have been trying to do this for weeks and these have been invaluable. Thank you!

  26. Steve

    Thank you so much for this. Very considerate of you and saved me spending hours on trying to find what Feroli should have put out there in the first place.

  27. Tracy

    Thank you so much for this. My Dad is cold all the time and I have to keep going over the road to fight with his boiler to get the heating to come on. This should save a lot of bother now. (And me from getting a lot of earache!) 🙂

  28. Ashley

    Yep, agree with everyone else. Still a great resource, glad to have found it after not *too* much searching the original boiler manual etc.

    In short – thanks!

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