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Best Big Button TV Remote for Seniors/Elderly

Getting old isn’t fun and getting used to all the buttons on a TV remote control isn’t easy.

Gone are the days of a handful of buttons to change channels, change volume and turn the set on or off.

My TV remote has over 50 buttons, most of which I’ve never used and lots of which lead on to extra menus on the TV set itself.

Fine if you don’t press them

A nightmare if you press the wrong one and end up setting something you’d rather not have set.

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The Truth About Supplements Review

The Truth About Supplements is a well informed, well researched report on supplements by a fitness instructor called Mark Ottobre. He has seen first hand which supplements work with your body building and which work against it.

Truth about supplementsThe focus of the truth about Supplements report is on bodybuilding but if you take any health supplements – such as amino acid supplements – then it’s an eye opening read. There’s a sample chapter available for free so that you can check both the style and the range of information. The free chapter goes into depth on protein supplements and lists out both essential and non-essential amino acids that you may well have encountered on an ingredients list and wondered what they were.

The main Truth about Supplements report goes into much more detail and also includes Mark’s “Champions Diet” which has been used by a number of top body builders, some of whom are featured on the main page of the Truth about Supplements site.

Even if you don’t want to become a top body builder, it pays to know the effects of the supplements that you are ingesting. Not all supplements are created equal and not all of them help everyone in the same way. This report will help to empower you. And if you’re a cynic who doesn’t often believe advertising hype, it will help you cut through the sales gimmicks that are used to trigger you into buying supplements you either don’t want or don’t need.

Chances are even your own personal trainer doesn’t know much of what’s discussed in this report. So if they have been recommending supplements for you, the report is an easy and informed “second opinion” that you can use before you spend lots of money on a variety of supplements that won’t help you in your fitness goals.

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Hotel Reservation Software Review

If your hotel has more than a handful of rooms, it pays to use some kind of hotel reservation software. But which program to choose? After all, there are plenty on the market and they all claim to be the best.

Reservation Master is an easy to use hotel reservation software that has also been designed to allow you to check out whether it will meet your needs with a no obligation 30 day trial. That’s plenty of time to look it over and see whether it works better than you existing hotel reservation software system.

Hotel reservation software

What can this hotel reservation software do?

The hotel reservation system shows your current bookings, so you can see at a glance which rooms are available.

When you first run the program, you’ll want to configure it for your hotel. The company details section is used to produce invoices for your guests. Tax codes are fully configurable so, unlike many of its competitors, this program will work anywhere in the world. You’ll probably only set up your rooms once unless you’ve just refurbished your hotel but they are all configurable.

The room and rates tab allows you to set your rack rates for each room. There’s also space to charge for an extra child or adult in the room. And the reservation software will handle weekly and monthly prices as well if you want it to. There is also the possibility of adding package deals, such as weekend specials.

Making a new booking is easy – just click the “new” button and the booking screen pops up:

Hotel booking

The hotel reservation software automatically detects where you are, which is why the date format in the above screen shot is in the UK day-month-year format and the currency is set to British Pounds. This will change depending on where you are in the world without any need for you to manually change it.

You can also set different user settings so that your reception staff don’t have access to all the settings of the software, only the parts they need to use.

As well as producing invoices for your hotel guests, there are numerous reports in this hotel reservation software that will allow you to keep on top of your business. These include a sheet for today’s expected arrivals, a housekeeping list so you know which rooms need attention, occupancy levels and much more. You can even use the software to keep track of stock, so if you have a mini bar in your rooms for example, you can keep on top of your stock levels for this.

Overall, Reservation Master is easy to use. Chances are that you’ll pick up most of the features in just a few minutes and anything that isn’t clear on first sight is explained in the help file.

Best of all, you don’t need to decide right away. Because the hotel reservation software has a try-before-you-buy option, you can give it a thorough testing for 30 days before deciding to go ahead and buy it.

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Renting A Parking Space

Parking spaces can be difficult to find, especially in larger towns and cities, so renting a parking space could be the solution.

What’s even more frustrating is that a lot of houses have empty driveways during the day as the owner has driven their car to work – you could be renting a parking space from them!

Which is where the web comes into its own – matching up empty parking spaces with people looking towards renting a parking space on a regular basis.

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Free UK Classifieds Comparison

In days gone by, your only choices for classified adverts would have been your local newspaper, a card in a newsagent’s window or maybe a poster on your window now you can find free UK classifieds on the internet.Free UK classifieds

Nowadays, the internet has changed all that. It’s quicker – most classified adverts get approved instantly or – at worst – within an hour or so.

Craigslist dominates the classified ad scene in America, but in the UK they’re not so strong.

Before placing your next classified advert, take a look at our

Free UK classifieds comparison chart:

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Daily Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes it’s good to have a few uplifting moments, just to make the day go better and faster – which is where daily inspirational quotes can help. Changing your mood for the better, even for just a few seconds, has a remarkably positive effect on the rest of your day.

Without doubt, one of the easiest ways to do this is to get sent an inspirational quote daily.

There are lots of different services out there that offer these:

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Ferroli Time Clock Instructions

A friend of mine installed a Ferroli boiler at a property he owns and was tearing his hair out, trying to find the Ferroli time clock instructions.

The sales pitch was good: 5 year guarantee, good price, that kind of thing.

What was missed though was that the built-in time clock wasn’t mentioned in the manual. Or even as an afterthought leaflet with the boiler. No instructions, just guesswork… Continue reading