Free UK Classifieds Comparison

In days gone by, your only choices for classified adverts would have been your local newspaper, a card in a newsagent’s window or maybe a poster on your window now you can find free UK classifieds on the internet.Free UK classifieds

Nowadays, the internet has changed all that. It’s quicker – most classified adverts get approved instantly or – at worst – within an hour or so.

Craigslist dominates the classified ad scene in America, but in the UK they’re not so strong.

Before placing your next classified advert, take a look at our

Free UK classifieds comparison chart:

Craigslist Gumtree Vivastreet
Free ads
Advert duration
30 days 120 days Unlimited renewals
Email anonymised
Approval time
Email confirmation sent Email confirmation sent Email confirmation sent for first advert, added to your account for subsequent ads
Pictures allowed

Up to 3 pictures

Up to 12 pictures
Add video
Easy to repost ad?
Advert runs for 30 days Adverts need to be reposted Email reminder for one-click reposting of advert
Range of locations
Very generalised locations Major cities only Location drill down to districts within towns
Featured listings offered
Extra cost Extra cost
Advert alerts
Daily email alert of new adverts meeting your criteria
Craigslist Gumtree Vivastreet


In the UK, it’s a fairly close call between Gumtree and Vivastreet.

They each have their strengths and weaknesses. But since basic adverts are free, it’s worth placing your advert on both.

Adverts drop down the list on Gumtree, often quite fast, unless you pay extra for a premium listing.

Vivastreet‘s one click reposting makes it really easy to push your advert back up to the top of the list every few days. Whereas with Gumtree you have to place a new advert or pay for a featured listing. This means that whilst Gumtree may initially seem to have more listings, in some sections that may not be the case as people post new adverts to stay near the top.

Vivastreet also wins hands down for location selection. You should be able to easily set your town or location, rather than having to choose a city that’s close (or not so close) on the other two sites.

Verdict: Vivastreet are the best free UK Classifieds I’ve found.