How To Develop Telepathy

What is telepathy and what steps can you take to develop telepathy and become more telepathic?

How do you develop telepathy?

Telepathy is that small inner voice within all of us. It is a form of energy that is a natural connection to our survival as well as our communication instincts.

Telepathy is also a process of stimulation in the mind. Telepathy cannot be seen. It is only felt. When humans are babies, telepathy is used daily until the ability to use speech is learned.

Ways to Develop Telepathy

Often once we learn to speak the ability of telepathy fades from our memory.

Telepathy is still alive in all human beings.

It does not die when we learn to speak it only fades deep within our conscious.develop telepathy

We can develop telepathy skills again. Picking up on someone’s energy is the key to telepathy.

Animals use telepathy by simply connecting with energy patterns.

Humans do the same.

It is similar to the way electricity is brought into your home.

When you think about something on a specific intensity level it sends out energy frequencies in a particular pattern. The energy sent out begins searching for the focused destination or match. Every living being has its own energy vibration or frequency.

Although telepathy sounds strange it is really the basic form of communication for all animals and people.

Every thought becomes energy which can be sent out to a specific person through telepathy. Developing telepathy consists of certain steps which can be done to increase your telepathic skills.

One of the most important steps to develop telepathy is to believe in the concept.

Your hidden telepathy ability will stay hidden until you believe it exists.

When practicing telepathy it is important to have the person you are connecting with thinking something emotional or interesting.

It sends out stronger energy frequencies than other subjects.

Don’t try too hard.

Focusing for too long will drain your energy and discourage you.

Practice your telepathic skills in short intervals when trying to develop telepathy.

To develop telepathy you must be loose, relaxed, and receptive. Make sure you are in good health mentally as well as physically.

Remember, telepathy is a skill and it takes plenty of practice to develop it. Keep at it and do not give up.

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19 thoughts on “How To Develop Telepathy

  1. lorenzo

    i need this power because there are people in the world who do evil and they have a weapon and i would like to use my powers to stop them.

  2. Emily

    I love my physic abilties! Iuse pendulums and psi wheels I wish telepathy was taught in school or we can automatically know it without practice. I guess no pain, in gain.

  3. Mir Chakar

    i used to read peoples mind but i didnt knew about telepathy …
    evern never heard the name ….
    Am making my brain more power full …
    plz help me….
    when i rade about telepathy yesterday i tried ….i had my three attempts and i was right twice…

  4. brandon

    i want to use this people in my school are weird and i ould love to know what they think b4 they say i hope tis works i try using it every day but i dont think it works….im crazy i use it on dogs and my ex girlfriend but idk if it works or not i hope it does please tell me more thanks.

  5. Alonso

    Hi, I wonder why should we use thelepathy in our life.In a practical sense..
    Sorry for my bad English 🙂

  6. Juliana

    hello, i want to know if any of your guys expiriences with telepathy has worked. What do i have to do? I have printed out a lot of info on it and i am still reading it. I just need some help from people who have tryed this i have some questions Does it work? How long does it take to learn how to do it? Can u stop or is it going every second of the day? And is there a perticular website that u would prefer to learn from? if u have any info that i would need or want to know please let me no. Thank you

  7. sara

    i havent read but heard ….but the mind sounded so much faster than we talk in reality sort of like a really fast whisper….is it normal? lol what IS normal :/

  8. Valerie Sparks

    I do believe in telepathy. I have had experiences with telepathy quite often in my life. I have heard people I’m close to call my name, and they live in another state. They were in fact trying to get in touch with me. Some of my experiences I do not have valid proof that it was telepathy. It’s kind of strange though, I senced a certain person that I used to be very close to so strong that I worried they might have died. Well, when I made a trip back home I ran right into this person. I must add that I lived a state away from what I call home. I also had not seen this person for 2 years at the time…

  9. shaa

    I think this is true..because sometimes I experience this as some people call me when I thought of them I think it’s a part of this. I’m trying to improve me. Its great if someone can share a real experience of using this with me.

  10. Stella

    I acquired telepathy about 8 years ago, but for some reason, it became kind of malfunctioning. First of all, I started having a problem with receiving messages and reading people’s thoughts. Conversely, telepathic people seem to have a better reception of my thoughts, even when I am not sending anything. Secondly, it looks as though my brain, particularly when I am in a relaxed state, starts involuntarily transmit my thoughts outside, especially the ones that I want to keep to myself. I noticed that my thoughts tend to go out particlularly when I don’t want them to. It’s almost as though all these processes got reversed.

    I guess what happens is that when my brain reaches a certain frequency, and gets, sort of, locked in it, thus, during that time, all the thoughts that pop in my head, become available to telepathic readers. I don’t even have to intentionally and consciously send thoughts, like one would do during send/receive telepathic excecises, for others to be able to “hear” them. How can I make sure that my thoughts are not being transmitted while I am thinking? How can one know which thought WILL be sent out, especially, in a relaxed state, and which not, when a person might get bombarded by several thoughts at a time? Is there a way to fix this problem?

  11. Ahmad baba

    First of all i live in kano, nigeria. And i am 17 years old i was born on 23/jan/1995 and i hope that you my friends will forgive me be couse i can’t speak english as well so i seek forgiveness. After that i had like to tell you that the persons who has telepathic powers are often gifteds and supernaturals as i, so if some body want to get this power he has to work hardly and try it first with a child whose age is about two or three and try to communicate with him by the way i will tell you now
    1. Ask the child to look into your eyes
    2. You too look into his own eyes
    3. Take a minute or two while doing that
    4.try to tell him some thing like “smile”, “sitdown”,”stand up” or “get out” and some thing like that in your mind, if you saw him do what you said so you have a telepathic powers but not strong enough, so you should began to make it stronger by the way that many psychic say.
    I wrote this to help my friends that want to get and discover their telepathic powers.
    After that i know some of you would like to know how i got these psychic powers so i will tell you.
    When i was only two to three years i was gifted with clairvoyence that i could see the spirits, and every time i see i would cry be couse i was frightened.
    And when i was only five i was gifted to understand the people’s dreams and what that dream shows and means.
    And when i was 12 i got the power to tell some body’s name who i neither know or see him.
    And when i am 14 i began prophetic dreams in which i could see what will happen tomorrow and who i am going to meet and at which place.
    And now that i am 17 i could comminicate with spirit’s world that if i look for some thing that i don’t know where it is i will feel it in my mind like a voice said that the thing i looked for is in….place and if i looked for it at that place i would see it.
    And i still could tell what will happen early, and if some body is ill i will feel it when i saw him, and if i saw some body in my way to school i could know what he is going to be in his feature, and many things about that but now my father forbidded me to reveal my powers to people and not to say what i see with some body so that is why hide it, i reveal it here just becouse no one of you is going to meet me or see me, and i am grateful to god that i am muslim. See you later friends. Wrote by ahmad (abul-abbas) aminu umar kano, nigeria.

  12. Tanner

    I’ve experienced something like this but I can see things before they happen can you explain how

  13. Vignesh

    Yeah guys and GirLs,
    I knw little pschology ,i had read some books and to read others mind its just took 5 min ,way of askg questions,but teLeppatHy is also,
    but Somebody Help Me DUEDeS,,,,,,,,

  14. Gage Shadow

    I can read minds to an extinct it is pretty easy. have never tried telepathy though but i am pretty sure i can master it.

  15. m.sabaulan

    i want to use it to know whats there thinking b4 they say it to understand they own brain

  16. r5onald

    whats the diference between trying to hard and not at all, i always get esp when not trying at all. and when i want esp i see nothing in my head.

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