How To Do Magic Tricks

How to do magic tricks? The best magic tricks to start off with are ones that are easy to do.

Here are some simple tricks that you can learn with and build your confidence:

Magic Bottle Trick

Props needed:

1. An eraser.How to do magic tricks

2. An opaque bottle with a large opening where the wand would fit into.

3. A magic wand which should be taller than the bottle. When you drop the wand into the bottle, part of it should stick up through the opening.

What to do:

Cut off a piece of the eraser. This needs to be just big enough for you to wedge the wand into the bottle opening.

Hand the bottle to a member of your audience so they can check it is empty.

Take the bottle back.

Hand the wand to a member of your audience so they can check it.

Whilst they are doing this, slip the cut-off eraser into the bottle, making sure it isn’t visible to anyone in the audience.

Take the wand back and drop it into the bottle.

Slowly, pick up the bottle and the wand, holding the bottle upside down.

As you turn the bottle the right way up, the eraser will wedge the wand into the bottle’s opening. You may need to gently pull on the wand to make sure that this happens.

Gently let go of the wand – to your audience, it will appear as though the wand is suspended in the bottle.

Then slowly turn the bottle back upright. The wand will appear to be floating in the bottle.

For the finale, gently push down on the wand to release the eraser so that you can take the wand out of the bottle easily.

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How to Do Magic Tricks

Regardless of which magic trick you’re performing, follow these simple tips to make sure that you get the best reaction from your audience:

Be as natural as possible

This can be easier said than done but with practice you’ll get there. Perform your magic tricks naturally and fairly slowly – this will help you concentrate and build up suspense with your audience.

Keep sight lines in mind

Very often, a trick only works within a range of angles. Outside this, your audience will easily spot what you are doing. So keep your sight lines in mind when you are performing.

Practice, practice, practice

The more you practice a trick, the better you will get. None of the great magicians goes out on stage with an unpracticed, brand new trick. Perform in front of a mirror to see yourself as your audience will see you.

Only use each trick once in your routine

Otherwise your audience will know what is going to happen next. Which takes the fun and suspense out of the show and runs the risk of your audience working out how you are performing the trick.

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  1. Austin

    I agree with the previous comment but there’s just more thing I’d like to suggest, if I may. That is to learn as soon as you can about something called ‘misdirection’ because it really is the key to all successful magic, even if you’re just doing it for fun to amuse your friends. What it really means is guiding your audience’s attention to where you want it and away from where you don’t. There are lots of ways of doing this but a key one is simply about where you look. Basically, where you look, your audience will look. So in the example of the trick given above, you don’t want them to look at you dropping the eraser in the bottle and whilst you’ve already misdirected at least one person by asking them to check the wand, it’s vital that you give that person your full attention whilst they are checking the wand, as if the wand is very important, and do not look at you hand slipping the eraser in. If you do that, I can pretty much guarantee that no-one will notice and the trick will go well to the astonishment of all!

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